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Sex Machine Kit | Premium Fucking Machine Set for Women & Men

Buy a sex machine kit. Buy premium fucking machine set sex toy kit at affordable price (including dildo/anal plug/vibrator/pocket pussy and more)

Why Should You Buy The Sex Machine Kit?

When you look at the sex machines, there are really many different types of novelty pleasures. Some people like to choose different accessories for their sex machines, because that can make a machine more useful. But because the connectors of love machines of various brands on the market are not the same, the accessories are not compatible with all machines, so buying the sex machine kit is the best way. Of course, the sex machine set has more benefits. As follows:

  • No need to buy extra accessories. It’s not the ultimate sexual pleasure when your sex machine only has one accessory. That’s just the beginning. Because only by installing multiple sex toys can you enjoy different feelings.
  • Don’t worry about incompatible accessories purchased. In fact, there are many brands of sex machines on the market. And each brand has different connectors. If you have purchased another brand of a sex machine, then you should pay attention to whether it is compatible when purchasing additional accessories.
  • The price is even cheaper. You can buy 9pcs sex machine attachments at the cheapest price. Buying accessories separately will cost you more.
  • Sexual pleasure is more intense. Our sex machine kit is equipped with all kinds of sex toys, not only dildos but also vibrators, anal plugs, and anal beads.
  • Easy to install. The sex machine kit is equipped with various connectors that are compatible with the machine, and you can quickly install and remove them.
  • High-quality body-safe material. As we all know, the sex machine is a penetrative sex toy. Therefore, the materials of various accessories must be strictly required.

Customer Questions & Answers

If you’re a minimalist, or you don’t want to spend time picking out more accessories, the sex machine kit is definitely your favorite. Whether you bought a sex machine kit or not, our customer Q&A might help you.

A: If you want to experience more sexual pleasure, you can buy more accessories. But please note that before buying, be sure to confirm whether the accessories are compatible with your machine. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.

A: Yes. We are an online shopping site for professional sex machines. We ensure privacy. On the package, there are no words or descriptions about sex. 100% privacy package.

A: The suction cup needs to be placed on a smooth floor to have a good adsorption capacity. Besides, adding a little water at the bottom of the suction cup will have a stronger adsorption capacity. It is recommended to press the chassis with some heavy objects when in maximum speed.

A: Yes, the angle can be adjust 0~85 degree, it is very easy to find the best position. And it has a powfer supply, the thrusting speed can be adjust 0-450 times/min.

A: It depend on how big thrusting speed you use. More fast speed, the voice will more lound. If you play some music or TV shows and it will drown out the sound of the machine

A: You don’t need any tools to assemble, our products are preassembled.

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